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At its core, CODA Automotive is less about cars, and more about a cause.

President and CEO Kevin Czinger’s vision is for CODA Automotive’s forward-thinking, all-electric car to help reduce dependence on foreign oil and lead the way to a much cleaner future. And he’s not alone. Supported by a passionate group of innovators, engineers, marketers and industrial experts, we at CODA Automotive are determined to bring our vision of responsible, eco-friendly transportation to fruition and create a livable future for generations to come. As Kevin explains, “I would not do this, and my family would not allow me to do this, if we didn’t think it had a greater purpose.”

To tackle a task of such gargantuan size, we adopted a unique business model – of global proportions. Headquartered in Southern California, CODA Automotive teamed with American partners to develop an American designed and manufactured electric drivetrain as well as battery system electronics to serve as the foundation for the CODA car. Then, we partnered with the most highly proficient and advanced companies from around the world, from China to Europe, to build a safe and affordable all-electric car. All the while, CODA Automotive maintained control of our brand, design, and critical intellectual property. To us, it seemed only natural that a global problem should find a global solution. In Kevin’s words, “We believe in balanced development. CODA’s approach is a smart, inter-dependent global solution that creates jobs right here in the U.S. and abroad. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

These strategic partnerships are allowing us to bring electric drive technology to consumers more quickly and efficiently than if we’d gone it alone. Perhaps our greatest example of global collaboration is our joint venture with Lishen Power Battery (Lishen), China’s leading producer of rechargeable lithium-ion cells and current cell supplier to consumer electronics manufacturers like Motorola, Samsung and Apple among others. This complementary partnership brings together American design and engineering excellence with Chinese manufacturing expertise and advanced battery cell technology.

Leveraging Lishen’s commercialized cell technology, CODA’s California engineering team led the R&D for the purpose-built, automotive grade battery pack, giving CODA the rights to the pack design. This partnership not only helped us develop the very first battery system built specifically for automotive use, but it also means that we can produce high volumes of CODA’s battery system – getting more cars on the road more quickly, jump starting the electric car movement and turning the car industry into a cause industry.

Though our collaborative effort is global, our spirit is rooted in pure American entrepreneurialism. In 2010, we are bringing an all-electric, full performance electric car to the consumer market.

And not just to change the auto industry. To change the world.