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CODA Automotive Leadership

CODA Automotive Press Release KEVIN CZINGER, PRESIDENT & CEO Growing up with two older brothers who were local legends as street racers on the west side of Cleveland, Kevin developed a life-long love of automobiles at an early age. Working with his brothers in their backyard shop, he learned about autos from the ground up […] → Continue Reading CODA Automotive Leadership

CODA Automotive company background

CODA Automotive Press Release [Add your thoughts in our CODA forum] At its core, CODA Automotive is less about cars, and more about a cause. President and CEO Kevin Czinger’s vision is for CODA Automotive’s forward-thinking, all-electric car to help reduce dependence on foreign oil and lead the way to a much cleaner future. And […] → Continue Reading CODA Automotive company background has launched!

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CODA Sedan 101

Short video released by CODA Automotive to introduce the CODA Sedan.